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Beautiful jewelry with as goal to help other groups who are not going that well in our community? With as goal to make a better earth? These jewelry makes Natasjaelda.


I’ve received this beautiful bird cage necklace. These jewelry are made from gold filled material, that’s 18 carat gold that’s alloyed on brass. Because of this, the jewelry stays beautiful really long and they really can stand some things.


This necklace is 80 centimeters long. You can combinate this necklace with a nice dress or a short necklace, so you get the two layer effect.

What I think is really great, is that the jewelry which you order is perfect delivered in a box. Ofcourse, not that you barely can’t open the box and that you almost kill the necklace (experience!). The necklace is wrapped in a super cute box with ofcourse some dots in it, so the necklace won’t move. If you order earrings then they will be delivered in a nice box aswell.

This necklace costs €46.50, I think that’s a pretty good price for the material where the necklace is made from. Ofcourse, you can find cheaper necklace on Natasjaelda, but you get where you paid for. This necklace can stand storm and wind and stays pretty, just the way it was. Instead of buying ten cheap necklaces, who doesn’t stay pretty for a long time, you can better buy a necklace which stays pretty forever, right?

I give this necklace a 8/10. Perfect material and stays pretty for a really long time. Basicaly there is nothing wrong about this necklace.

Soon you will see more jewerly from Natasjaelda and some other news online! Keep your eyes on my blog, because maybe there comes a giveaway online 😉


What do you think of this beautiful necklace?

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