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A week ago I went to the Action, to buy some things to review, I wanted to write a budget review and Action is the perfect store for that. I saw the Max & More primer. I searched for a primer for a long time, but I only thought of Catrice or another brand of primer. For two euros, this primer is seriously worth it to review.

Max & More primer

This is the primer. The box is really pretty, what I didn’t expect from the Action. Most of the time, you expect a cheap looking box when you look for a budget productc, but with this primer, that isn’t the deal. As you already know (or otherwise you know it now 😉 ), I really love black. Black boxes, but also black clothes are parels for me and this one as well. If this primer becomes nothing, then I still have a nice product for my stash. The box is, as I already said, really pretty, clean and a parel.


This is the side of the product. You better use a magnifying glass. If you want to read these sentences, but it is of course really important to read it, like the ingredients of the primer.

Max & more

Also the back of the box tells how to use the primer, with small characters tho. The weird thing is, that you first need to use sun cream and after that the primer. With a foundation or another kind of product, you first need to apply the primer and after that the foundation or cc-cream.


This is the primer. I really love the box of the primer. It’s just a glass bottle with a top. Very easy and not too much colour. It’s just a bottle made of glass, so it is transparant. You can see through the bottle how much is in the bottle.


I don’t know how this primer could only cost two euros, but the box is from pretty good quality. The pomp is very handy and you only need two pomps to cover your whole face. You can caluculate the amount of primer you need with this pomp very easily.


The product itself, seems to be really good on the swatch. Too be honest, I thought that a primer is a liquid substance, but that’s not it. The primer has the same ‘ volume’  as a cream, so you can apply the primer very fast and easy. I’ve already tested it on my hand and it is really easy to apply. There is no white saturation on my hand and my hand gets more egal as well. My hand is way softer and I am a bit surprised by that. I thought that only my make-up will stay on my skin for a bit longer and that it doesn’t have any effect on my skin.

I’m not sure if my make-up stays on longer. If I make a photo with my camera, then it looks really different, then I see with my own eye. I hope this changes fast. I’m going to buy some new make-up when there is a new action at the Kruidvat and I’m going to do a bit more with eye looks and full make-up looks, so it looks like I actually wear make-up on camera.

This primer helps a lot against my dry skin. Now, I only have to apply a bit of cream or almost nothing and that’s a big releave for me. I’m always so scared that my hair gets really greasy of the cream. If you have a dry skin, then I really recommend this primer. If you search a primer, so your mae-up stays on a bit longer, then I don’t recommend this primer.

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  • Reply Ken Kaing

    Hi Celine

    Where are you from?

    What your fees for helping us to develop a lipstick Range?

    Wait for your reply

    12 June 2018 at 10:33
    • Reply Celine Klooster

      Hi Ken,

      Can you give me some more information first? I am from The Netherlands.

      12 June 2018 at 10:51

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