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Today I have a Mac lipstick review for you guys! A while ago I bought two lipsticks, Dark deed and Instigator. They look really similar, but there is a difference.

As you can see on the photo, the lipsticks are really dark. On my lips and on the swatches the colors look totally different. I admit, the lipsticks on the photo are a little bit darker in real life, but I didn’t expect such a big difference.


I needed to look good, but this is Instigator. This lipstick doesn’t flows well on my lips, but probably if I use the lipstick more then I can apply the lipstick better. You probably can’t see it on the photo, but the only difference between Dark deed is that this lipstick is more purple.


This is Dark deed. Maybe I need to use glasses, but I don’t see any difference between the other lipstick. In real life I see more of a difference. This lipstick is darker than Instigator and he applies better on my lips. Dark deed is more red and Instigator has more of a purple colour.


On the swatches above you see a bigger difference. The lipsticks don’t have the dark colour where I hoped for, but they are coming pretty close to the colour I want.


On this photo you can see the difference better between de two Mac lipsticks. The left one is Instigator and the right one is Dark deed. As I already said, Instigator has a more of a purple colour and Dark deed a red one.

Mac lipsticks are Mac lipsticks and I can’t expect something negative about that, that’s why I’m pretty enthusiastic about these lipsticks.

What do you think about these two lipsticks?


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