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Review | Kiko Long lasting Colour Lipmar

Written by Celine Klooster

23 March 2016


Kiko. A pretty famous brand, although, I still didn’t knew it. Some months ago, I have written a review about pretty nailpolish. A couple of days ago, I found this lipmarker in my ‘review drawer’ and yeah, I needed to do it someday right?


I need to be honest, this lipmarker isn’t a favourite. It’s literally a marker and with that you need to color your lips. You know the feeling that a marker is almost empty but you still need to use it? Well, that’s the problem with this marker. The only difference with this marker is that it is not empty. I used this marker only ones so it’s not possible that it’s empty. On my lips it looks like there isn’t even lipstick on it and I even heard that my lips were bleeding.


On the swatches above you see the colour on my skin pretty good. After a couple of times (read: thousand times) he gives a pretty good colour. Unfortunately, it doesn’t on my lips. Probably when I use a base of another lipstick or something else, then maybe the marker will work. But ofcourse it will affect the colour.

I give this lipstick 5/10 hearts, especially because the lipmarker doesn’t gives lots of colour and ofcourse, then you can’t use the lipmarker.


What do you think about this lipmarker?

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