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Nailpolish from the Kardashians? I got this nailpolish in The Lifestylebox. I mean, I’m not a big fan of The Kardashians (I never saw a tv show of them before), but it’s kind of cool to receive a nailpolish from The Kardashians. My expectations were really high, when I received this nailpolish. Do you want to know if this nailpolish let my expectations come true?


I started with painting my nails black. I had the idea that the topcoat from Khroma is really pretty on a black nailpolish. This nailpolish is from Rimmel and I’m seriously in love with this nailpolish. I love black nails and when it can dry in 60 seconds then I’m in love.


This is the topcoat on a black nailpolish. He is very pretty, but really difficult to make a photo of it. The topcoat has a simply brush where you can apply the topcoat with. Take care that you don’t apply too much glitters on your nails, because it is very difficult to get the glitters of again (even when it is wet). It is very easy to apply the topcoat with the brush. In one shot you almost applied the topcoat on your whole nail. When you have thinner or shorter nails then the brush isn’t really ideal.


This is another photo with the topcoat on my nails. As you can see you don’t only see silver glitters, but also a little bit of yellow and blue glitters, this can be because of the reflection aswell. I’ve created a sort of galaxy nails with this topcoat and my normal black nails are much more special now. Although, I have the idea I created this look earlier with a nailpolish, but I still think this nailpolish is pretty special.

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What do you think of this Khroma nailpolish?

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