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Review | Eyes Uncovered Collection Pale

Written by Celine

17 August 2016

When I went to England, I saw a lot of stores of Boots. Here were a lot of beautiful brands to found. Some were not that expensive and some were pretty expensive. I always love budget and I went to search for some nice budget products. I crashed into this beautiful palette of Collection and he was only four pounds! front

A black package is always good. At first, a black package always looks good on the picture and second, I love black. It’s a pretty simple package tho. No luxe package like a Naked or W7 package, but just a simple black package. With this package you can see through the package and I think that’s pretty handy. There are no people who open the package, without them buying it and you don’t have to look at fake pictures on the back of the package.

What I think is pretty bad, is that Boots uses scotch tape on every single product. I understand that you want the products to stay close and I think that’s really good, but I don’t want scotch tape pieces on my products. I removed the scotch tape very carefully, but there are still weird pieces of scotch tape/glue on my palette. You can also come up with other solutions to keep the packages close, for example a little plastic around it or just another kind of scotch tape. You also have special scotch tape which don’t leave pieces of glue and that would be really awesome. This is not the only product what has scotch tape pieces on the package. There are also scotch tape pieces on my bronzer and I think that’s pretty bad.


On the back there are the names of the colours and the ingredients. There is nothing special besides of these two things, well if you love barcodes then it’s maybe a bit special..


The annoying thing about this palette is that he always closes when you don’t hold him. Because of this you can’t put the palette somewhere if you want to make your make-up look with two hands.



These are the colours of the palette. From left to right, Parchment, Rubble, Under the Moon, Drift Wood, In a Nutshell and Eclipse. I use the white colour more for under my eyebrows, because it is pretty much the same colour as my skin. The second colour is pretty light and you can’t see that good on the picture. The third colour is a beautiful silver colour, actually perfect for Christmas. The fourth colour is a grey tint, this is actually the only ‘nude grey’ colour of the palette. The fifth colour is my favourite. Not too dark, but also not too light, so it is perfect for a natural look. The last colour is black of course and I’m not sure if I’m a fan of that. Soon, I’m going to try to make a smokey look.


As last, the annoying brush of the palette. Some of you guys can handle this brush pretty good probably, but I can’t. When there is eyeshadow on both sides of the brush, then there is at least one hand of me dirty with eyeshadow and when I want to reach the small squares of my face, then I stab my eye with the brush. For my eye, I’ve used the brush of my W7 palette, because I can’t handle the brush of the Collection palette.


So, this is the eye look I’ve made with this palette. Yes, I could make the eye look way darker, but in ‘real life’ it looks way darker. Too be honest, I’ve just mixed all colours and I’ve used the white colour under my eyebrow. Also, I have used an eyeliner of Collection, which I will write a review about later.


This is the whole look together. I’ve used my new foundation of Seventeen and a Kylie Jenner (dupe) lipstick. I’m very happy with this look, because as you may notice, I pretty much never make looks.

What do you think of the colours of this palette and what do you think of this look? 


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I am Celine. Enthusiastic, passionated and a bit perfectionistic, but I especially love blogging. Sharing my beauty and fashion tips was always something I loved to do. Go to my about me page to get to know me.

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