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You probably wonder what a contouring lipgloss is. You get thicker lips of this lipgloss, yes for real. At first, I didn’t believe it, but it really worked. Curious about the results?


This is the contouring lipgloss. A really simple box around the lipgloss itself, but what else do you want? A brush with this lipgloss wouldn’t be convenient because then you lose a lot of product in the brush itself. Also, the transparent box is pretty handy, because then you can look how much lipgloss is in it.

The lipgloss is pretty sticky, so I really get the tendency to ‘forget’ to put on the lipgloss. When I sit on the bicycle for example, then my hair sticks to my lips. I got a tip to sleep with the lipgloss on at night. For the ones who don’t forget that, then it’s a pretty good tip. But I forget these kinds of things.

Now about the results itself. If you saw my last personal post about the contouring lipgloss, then you could see my lips before I used the lipgloss.


On this photo, you see my lips before I used the lipgloss for 30 days. To be honest, I’m not really focused on my lip size, more on my lip color. But yeah, as a real lipstick addict, I need to have beautiful lips right?

contouring lipgloss

These are my lips after I used the contouring lipgloss (after 30 days of course). I see a pretty big difference. At first, I didn’t really notice, but after a while, I started noticing that my lips became a little bit bigger. I didn’t use the lipgloss every day to be honest. Sometimes I forgot to use it and when I’m out I can’t just go back to my house to put on the lipgloss. Do you want a big difference? Then you need to put the lipgloss on every day and maybe a couple of times a day.

Am I happy with the results? Yes. I’m not a big fan of big lips, it just doesn’t suit me. I think this size of lips is perfect and it doesn’t need to be any bigger. I give this lipgloss a 7/10. Just, because I’m not a big fan of the ‘glossy’ part, although the lipgloss gives a pretty good result.

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Would you like to buy the lipgloss or aren’t you completely sure about the results?

*You can always e-mail me to for more information or interest in the product.


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