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If you follow my blog really good, then you know that I don’t really use bronzer. I’m more into the eye make-up and that’s the reason why this might me a surprise. Today I review these bronzing pearls. I’m really satisfied about these tho!


This are the bronzing pearls. As you can see they are in different kind of colours. About these colours I’m going to tell you more later. The bronzing pearls come in a simple box. On top of that there’s a sponge protecting the bronzing pearls. The reason for that is, so the bronzing pearls don’t smash against the top of the box.  The dark bronzing pearls exist the most in the box. This is, because you use this bronzing pearl the most. The others you use to mix and why would you buy bronzing pearls, when you only want them for the blush?


This are all the different kind of pearls. You can combinate all the pearls for a nice shine on your cheeks, but seperately the pearls are perfect to use. The first colour is the bronzer. This one is, as you can probably see, the darkest colour from all four. The second colour is a really nice pink colour. This colour is perfect when you apply it really soft on your cheeks. The third colour is a little bi like orange. The best thing to do with this, is to combinate this colour with the dark brown colour, if you have, for instance a yellow skin tone. The last colour is a highlighter. The shine of this highlighter is really pretty. When you stand in the light then he gives you a really nice shine (ofcourse not too much that you shine like the sun).


This is the end result. I mixed the bronzer with the highlighter for a natural effect. My skin is pretty pale and when I applied the bronzer only it looked like a brown stripe on my face and believe me, blending didn’t work. If you have a darker skin, then you don’t need to mix this bronzer with the highlighter, but for me it is the perfect combination. I think the bronzer, with the highlighter gives a pretty good result and I’m really satisfied.

What do you think about these bronzing pearls?

*For more information or if you want to buy this product, you can always e-mail to With the discount code Bboulevard10 you get 10% off!

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