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I think everyone heard of this mask. You see this black mask everywhere on the internet. Everyone is pretty positive about this mask, but I have my question marks with these positive comments. Do you want to know what I think of this mask?

face mask

This is the package of the mask. A simple package, but very pretty and handy. You need to rip of the top of the package, what you need to do with most masks. Also you get a brush in this pack. This brush is very handy, because the substance of the mask is pretty sticky. With the brush the mask doesn’t stick to your hands and then you use the most out of the product. You would think now, the package looks pretty small, is that enough for your whole face? That’s it for sure. I thought that at the begin aswell, but there is enough in the package for your whole face. I even had a bit left and I’ve placed too many on one spot on my face.


The mask gets hard very fast. So hard that I couldn’t smile on the picture and that after only 15 minutes. I needed to have the mask on for more than 25/30 minutes and I didn’t really know if I liked the feeling that much. Your skin feels really hard, what’s pretty normal, but this mask gets really hard. I waited for over 45 minutes until the mask was totally dry, but after so much waiting the mask wasn’t totally dry. On one spot I’ve placed too much of the mask, so that spot was still wet, but yeah that’s my fault.

Now, let’s talk about peeling off the mask. That’s a real hell. I started on the bottom, on my chin. At first I didn’t hurt that much and it gave a little bit of a nice feeling, but after peeling it off a bit more it started to hurt really bad. So painful that I needed to stop a couple of times. My skin was really red after the mask, although my skin was pretty smooth and clean. Take care when you put on the mask, that you look where you put it on, you don’t want to pull out some of your eyelashes (experience!)

If I would use the mask another time, I don’t know that for sure. I think I would only use the mask for the parts around my nose and on my nose, because there it didn’t hurt that much and there I have the most dry skin. I give this mask a 6/10. The mask hurt too much for the result and then I prefer using another mask.

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How do you think this mask is or do you have any experiences with this mask? 

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