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A mascara which gives my eyelashes volume, isn’t sticky and doesn’t irritate my eyes. Well that’s a whole big of a search. But I’ve found my mascara what has these advantages!

At first, I’m really positive about this product. I never really used mascara (what is really unfortunately ofcourse), because it always irritated my eyes. It felt like there was something in my eye, but fortunately it isn’t the case with this mascara.

The product promises a couple of things:

  • It can be applied on extensions
  • For sensitive eyes
  • pretty curl – no eyelash curler needed.
  • plant-based ingredients, your eyelashes don’t break because of the ingredients
  • because of the round shape of the brush you can apply the mascara easily
  • not sticky
  • not waterproof

eyesI have no idea if you can apply the mascara  on extentions, because I don’t have any extensions for my eyelashes. The mascara is for sensitive eyes, as I mentioned above. The mascara also has a nice curl and isn’t sticky. I always want a mascara which gives a natural look. Not too big lashes and not sticky at all. Fortunately, this mascara isn’t sticky and gives a natural look. The mascara isn’t waterproof aswell and to be honest, I like that about the mascara. Because the mascara is not waterproof you don’t need to use your make-up remover like thousand times to remove the mascara (and then hope that you lashes didn’t fall off)

At the right side you see the result of the mascara. As you can see, you see a pretty huge different between the two pictures. On the picture above you can barely see my eyelashes and on the picture below you can see when I exactly use the mascara. I only use the mascara and some eyeliner.


On the picture you see me and the mascara. My eyes look bigger and prettier.

What do you think of this mascara?

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