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I’m probably one of the less beauty bloggers who have never used dry shampoo. A couple of weeks ago I got a really nice email from simplypr. They asked me if I wanted to join their press bureau. Ofcourse, I really wanted to join and directly I got a lovely welcome present. This present consisted a dry shampoo, what I really loved to review. Especially, because I never used a dry shampoo before.

The dry shampoo promises that I get more volume. I write this part of the review before I used the dry shampoo and I’m really scared that I ruin my hair. I’m not very good with hair products and yeah, I’m very clumsy aswell. Also, I’m really curious how the smell will be like, so I’m going to review the dry shampoo fast.

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Okay, here we go… The dry shampoo is really easy to apply. You spray the dry shampoo on your hair, you only need to remember that you don’t spray the shampoo too close. If you spray the shampoo too close, than well.. Then you will ruin your hair and you will get too much shampoo on one spot.


This is my hair without dry shampoo. I went to the hair dresser a week ago, but fortunately, my hair is pretty long. I’m really happy with my curls and my hair.


Boom! My hair has alot of volume. I would never go to school with this hairstyle, but for a beachday or for a party this hairstyle is pretty cool. This dry shampoo gives my hair alot of volume, without the feeling of heavy or sticky hair. The smell of the dry shampoo is very nice. Not too strong, but te shampoo just has a nice smell.


This shampoo gives my hair alot of volume and that is really pretty for a bun! I made a bun fast and it looks good after one try! Normally my bun is pretty small, but now it has the perfect size.

I’m not the person who can handle hair good, but I pretty much succeeded this time.

What do you think of this dry shampoo

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