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Review | Baewatch Matte lippie stix Colourpop

Today I will talk about an amazing lipstick on my blog. This time a beautiful matte lipstick from Colourpop. The color of this lipstick is beautiful and it is definitely a beautiful color to wear to school. Still, I noticed something bad about it. Curious to my opinion about Baewatch. Then read this blog.


The color’s name is Baewatch. A beautiful purple/red color which suits perfectly by a normal school day. The lipstick package is very simple. I don’t really like the package because it looks like a cheap marker. Still, the content is very beautiful. Well, the color is very beautiful…

Baewatch Colourpop

I will immediately think what I think. The structure of the lipstick is so awful. A while ago, I’ve bought a lipstick called Lumiere and the structure of this lipstick is so amazing. That’s why I decided to buy another lipstick in the matte structure, so I could have more of these amazing lipsticks. Well, the structure of the lipstick is so dry. I think it is very hard to get some color of the lipstick. I am so disappointed in Colourpop and I don’t understand why this lipstick is so different than Lumiere. The lipsticks are the same kind. So bad Colourpop…


This is the color on my lips. As you can see, it looks very dry and that’s very bad of course. Lumiere looks so creamy and it is exactly the same lipstick. Baewatch is just way too dry and it doesn’t feel good on the lips. It looks like I used a marker to give my lips a quick color.

What do you think of this lipstick?


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