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When I think of decoration for my room, then I don’t think of a dreamcatcher. Sytseananas has made a beautiful dreamcatcher for me and I was also allowed to choose all the colours!

The dreamcatcher


The dreamcatcher hangs above my bed next to my pointe shoes. A dreamcatcher needs to hang above a bed, but it’s also possible if you want to hang it somewhere else. I was allowed to choose out of a couple of colours and finally I decided to choose the colours of my blog. I think this is a nice detail and Sytse did a lot of effort for this. It was pretty hard to find a beautiful purple pastel colour, but Sytse found it. I’m so happy with this, because it’s exactly the same colour as my blog.

Made on size


I was allowed to choose out of all colours I wanted to put in the dreamcatcher. You could choose out of the following things:

  • Size of the circle (5 cm, 10 cm, 12 cm, 15 cm, 20 cm of 30 cm): My dreamcatcher is 20 cm.
  • Colours (Four colours possible: One for the ring, one for the web, one for the feathers and one for the strings to the feathers):  I wanted to let the colours of my blog come back in the dreamcatcher. The ring has a pastel purple colour. For the web I’ve also chosen a pastel purple colours, because I wanted my dreamcatcher to have a calm look.
  • What kind of beads do you prefer (or your own): I chose for small white beads, but Sytse gave me the tip to chose for big wooden beads. That was a pretty good plan! The wooden colour ‘breaks’ the purple pastel and white colours and there comes some structure in the dreamcatcher.  
  • A contribution or no contribution of a charm, pendant or something else, which you want to see back in your dreamcatcher: I didn’t choose for a charm or something, because I don’t have any.


I will be very honest, I can’t say anything bad about this dreamcatcher. I love the little details of the web. There are made two feathers in the web, a white one and a purple one. The colours are exactly the same. Sytse didn’t use two different purple colours, so the dreamcatcher won’t get a busier look. You can also choose for a busier dreamcatcher. Imagine, you have a white room, then it would be pretty awesome to give it some colour with a dreamcatcher. In the web there is also a white little flower. Exactly the perfect size, without it getting too colourful.


On the dreamcatcher hangs a carton cardboard. The website of Sytse is on this carton cardboard. This cardboard suits pretty good with the beads which are processed in the dreamcatcher, but I can’t imagine this cardboard suiting every dreamcatcher. I still have the idea that this cardboard doesn’t get processed in every dreamcatcher. I don’t see this on the site. When you have this card on your dreamcatcher, then you can always remove it. I don’t remove the card, because I think this is a pretty detail. Unfortunately it’s turned a bit.


This dreamcatcher costs €22,50 and is 20cm. I think this is a pretty decent price for a dreamcatcher and it’s a bit of your interior, especially because you are allowed to choose all the colours. The dreamcatcher stays in my room for a long time and I think it’s made very good.

“Trapped in a hellish dream. Spinning past worlds unseen and frightfully vanishing Into the dark eternal night.”


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