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A blogagenda?! What’s that? I was allowed to design an agenda from and what’s better than an agenda for a blogger? Curious about my blogagenda?


This is the front cover of my agenda. A little bit boring ofcourse, but it is only for protection. You can remove the front cover very easily, because behind the black cover there is a transparant cover. You need to choose the transparant cover in the options, after you designed the agenda. You can also choose for a other colour cover, but transparant and black is very pretty.


This is the real cover. I’m very happy with this, because now I finally have the agenda I want. You can place a transparant cover on this designed cover, so the agenda stays pretty.


This is the inside of the agenda. I’ve chose for the agenda to stay white. I don’t really like much colour, but I personalized my agenda with some little pictures in the right corner. You see two little black pictures on the photo, but I also have some colourful pictures or for example a text. The paper of the agenda is pretty strong. I’ve no idea what material it is, but the paper is very smooth and thicker than normal paper. My agenda’s crumble a lot or they rip a lot, but that will not happen with this agenda.


You can also choose for a background. Too bad, you can’t choose out of a lot of backgrounds. For example: when you choose for a black background then the characters don’t turn into white, but they stay black with a white frame around. To be honest, I don’t like that, but for example a marmer background looks stunning. If you want to use a marmer background then place a white picture on the right corner, because otherwise it looks pretty weird. You can’t change the white space under the date in a background, so that’s why I use a white picture.


Besides that you also have a place for a big picture. On this page I used a drawing from a friend. I think it looks pretty cool. In the agenda there is a calendar, a place to write down your grades and a space for notes. You can also choose to add some text. For example, I put the days when I put an article online next to my calendar. You can also choose to put dates in your agenda, for example your blog’s birthday.

I really love this agenda, but there is a little disadvantage. The program where you make the agenda with is really difficult. No, it’s not because I’m dumb or something like that, because normally I know how programs work. The programma looks a bit old and it crashes a lot. The program is also a bit limited, with the backgrounds or the choices you can make for example. You can’t change the text, for example ‘Memorandum’. I’ve seriously no idea what that exactly means. You can choose when you want the date of the agenda to start and then the agenda ends exactly a year later.

I give this agenda a 7/10. I think the program is a big disadvantage, but the material, the lovely pictures and the front cover give this agenda a higher grade. It’s a really good agenda! I can’t wait to use it next year.


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