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Red stripes dress | outfit

During Christmas, I went to Madrid. You can shop a lot there and I did that of course. You have an amazing store there called Lefties and I’ve bought a red stripes dress there. Curious about this dress? Then check out this blog.

Red stripes dress

This is the dress. A beautiful dark red dress with stripes. It has the perfect length and is definitely perfect for winter with a nice black vest.

Besides that, the dress has three-quarter sleeves, what is a bit annoying. I am always obligated to wear a vest when I am wearing this dress and the dress is pretty difficult to wear in the Summer.

red stripes dress

Yesterday I went to a blogger meeting and it was super cold. That’s why I wore a nice dress with a thick panty and also a scarf and this nice coat. About the jacket, I’ve written a blog already. The scarf is super soft and I have bought this one for online three euros at the Primark.

I’ve bought the dress, as I already said, from the Lefties. As far as I know, you can only find this store in Spain. So, are you going to Spain soon? Then you definitely have to visit this store. The dress costs 11 euros and all the prices in this store are around this price as well. So super cheap!

I have also made a selfie from my outfit in the Only. (This was probably not the Only, but that doesn’t matter!). A couple people were shopping here, while I was taking pictures of my outfit. I really loved my outfit this day!

What do you think of this red stripes dress and the rest of my outfit?

*Thanks a lot to Tessa from Daily Inception and Annemae from by Annemae for these pictures.


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