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I actually never buy something at the Newyorker and I actually never entered this store. Still, I was searching for a red body for a long time, but I could never find it. I decided to visit the Newyorker and that’s when I came across this cheap red body.

Red body

Rode body

It is really amazing to wear a body. For example, the bodysuit doesn’t come up and it actually always looks perfect. This body has buttons at the bottom which you don’t feel and you can take off the body very easily. So, you don’t have any problems to go to the toilet.

As you can see, the body has a pretty low back. This looks stunning and makes the body more special. Besides that, the body has a white edge at the top, what gives the body a bit of a surf look. That’s why I will definitely bring this body on holiday.

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Red body

I have a pretty short upper body and that’s why this body suits perfectly. If you have a taller upper body, then I recommend fitting the red body in the store first. Body’s can be pretty tight easily and that’s not that pretty of course.

This body is actually pretty cheap and actually only costs 7 euros. This is a pretty cheap body of course, but the quality is not bad at all because of the price. The fabric is pretty thick, but not too thick for hot weather. I think it is an amazing body to combine with some nice shorts which are a bit wide. This way you can combine the tightness of the body with some wide pants. This body is definitely a big recommendation and especially for the price.

What do you think of this red body suit? 


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