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A dry skin is horrible and especially with this cold weather. The products of Ziaja came to my rescue last year and that’s why I wanted to test a couple of products for dry skin again.

Products for dry skin

Products for dry skin

I was searching for a BB cream for a long time. I don’t want to wear foundation when I am on holidays and then this BB cream is perfect of course. This BB cream looks perfect for that.

As you can see is that the BB cream is too dark for my skin. Currently, my skin has barely a color and that’s why this BB cream is too dark.

The BB cream has to be blended right. I prefer using a blending egg for that with some water. Still, I can barely blend this BB cream with that.

The BB cream has a medium coverage. I would prefer a BB cream with more coverage, but this coverage is good for summer. Besides that, this BB cream smells amazing and makes my skin super soft.

Day cream

Last year, I have tested night cream from Ziaja. This night cream really saved my skin and that’s why I use it every day. The day cream looks a bit like the night cream. It smells amazing and gives my skin a real boost.

Products against dry skin

As you can see, the day cream is totally full. It is a small box but contains a lot of cream. I am now using the night cream for over a year, but it is still pretty full.

Rose Butter micellar water

I am eighteen years old and then is this micellar water for 30+, not the best purchase. I am not going to use this micellar water and that’s why I am going to give it to my aunt. The micellar water smells pretty good and it would probably be good for dry skin as well.

Which products for dry skin do you like?


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