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My daily skincare routine consists only of Pixi Beauty products. A nice brand for different skin types. This fine brand has come out with new products and they are very nice for my skin. Curious about the Pixi Hydrating Milky Collection? Then read this blog.

Pixi Hydrating Milky Collection

Pixi Hydrating Milky Collection

This collection looks super cute. This Pixi collection is the Hydrating Milky Collection, which is why they designed the packaging in the form of a milk carton containing six products. Besides that, the collection is also 100% vegan and I like that a lot of course!


Pixi Hydrating Milky Collection: Hydrating Milky Makeup Remover

Milky remover

This makeup remover removes all waterproof makeup without effort. In addition, this remover ensures that your skin remains beautifully healthy and therefore your skin doesn’t get very dry after removing your makeup. The makeup remover ensures that your face is hydrated and remains beautifully soft. The ingredients include coconut which nourishes and balances the skin. The product also contains oat extract to soothe the skin.

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Hydrating Milky Cleanser

Step two is to clean the skin. This rich cleanser contains jojoba to nourish the skin, coconut to hydrate and probiotics to keep the skin in balance. The cleanser leaves your skin feeling smooth and fresh and you can apply the cleanser and then rinse it off with water for clean skin.

The product smells really delicious and so far ensures wonderfully soft skin!


Pixi Hydrating Milky Collection: Hydrating Milky Peel

Hydrating PeelHydrating Peel

Step 3 is ‘peeling’ the skin. This product exfoliates the skin with natural ingredients that reduce pores and condition the skin. Among other things, the product is made from coconut to care for the skin, willow bark to extract and refine the pores and cellulose to exfoliate. This peeling can be used daily and you only have to leave the peeling on for 2-3 minutes and then rinse it off again.

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Hydrating Peel

I thought that this product was meant to ‘peel’ the skin, that is, you apply a mask layer and then pull it off again. This is not the case! It is actually more of a scrub.


Pixi Hydrating Milky Collection: Milky Tonic


Everyone must have tried the Pixi tonics. This milky tonic is highly recommended. This tonic is a soothing toner that moisturizes and balances the skin. The product is made from oat extract to soothe, jojoba milk to nourish the skin and green tea to protect the skin. You can easily apply the product with, for example, a cotton pad. At least the product already smells delicious.


Milky Serum

Pixi Hydrating Milky Collection Pixi Serum

I use Pixi Beauty’s serums every day which is why this moisturizing serum comes in handy. The serum moisturizes deeply and smoothes the skin. The product includes jojoba oil to hydrate, aloe vera to soothe, and vitamins C and E to nourish. The serum can be easily massaged into the skin and your skin immediately feels soft.

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Pixi Hydrating Milky Collection: Milky Lotion

Pixi Hydrating Milky Collection Pixi Hydrating Milky Collection

The last step of this collection is, of course, moisturizing your skin. You can actually do that with the other products, but this lotion is of course specifically made to moisturize. This lotion can be used for the face and body, but I really only use it for my face, because I prefer to use body lotions for my body. The product is made from coconut to nourish, shea butter to hydrate and cocoa extract to protect. The lotion also smells delicious!

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I am so happy with this lotion from Pixi. I use the different lotions of this fine brand every day, but the only drawback is that I always need to replace them because the packaging only has 50ml of product. However, this package contains 135ml instead of the normal 50ml, so that’s really nice!

I definitely recommend all these products. I have recommended the products of Pixi Beauty before, like the Glow Tonic and that product is also very nice!

How do these products sound like to you?


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