Photos of beauty reviews where I am the most proud of

You have often those reviews where you are really proud of. Beautiful pictures or just a picture of yourself. My pictures are sometimes so ugly in some reviews, but on some pictures I am really proud. Do you want to know which picture I like the most?

Review | Cheap Action Max & More Palette


On this picture I am the most proud of. All colors come forward in this picture perfectly and it looks like I never used this palette. I think the stones are a good adding as well. These are stones out of Granada. This palette is definitely beautiful and especially when you hear that this palette is from the Action.

A panda bear eye look?! – Eye look goes wrong


This picture looks at me. Literally.

Best foundation for the light skin | Seventeen Stay Time Foundation


Normally I have huge problems with white packages, but for this foundation it isn’t the case. That’s why I am really proud of this picture. Not too much light and also a really nice white background.

Review | Kylie Jenner Fake Lipgloss


In this article people warned me about the ‘dangerous’ ingredients which can be in this liquid lipstick. I wasn’t a fan of this liquid lipstick, because of the drying effect, but now I don’t wear it at all anymore. Still, the picture is really beautiful. On one way or another my nails look really long and really white.

Artdeco lipstick | Photos, swatches and review


This is a pretty old picture and I think this is the first picture where I used Photoshop on the right way. I think it is so beautiful when the background is as white as possible and I nailed that with this picture.

W7 In the buff: Lightly Toasted | Pictures, swatches and review


Can we all have a moment of silence for these beautiful eyeshadow colors? I am definitely going to use this palette more, because I do this way too little. Also de background from this picture is beautiful white and the colors come forward really good.

An eyeliner for clumsy girls | Collection eyeliner


I thought I was the only clumsy girl, but I am not the only one as I can see in the comments. This eyeliner is meant for clumsy girls and the picture is also really pretty.

Review | Eyes Uncovered Collection Palette


This palette is so pretty! The pigmentation is pretty ad tho, but you can’t see that on the picture. All colors are definitely beautiful. Soon I will receive more pretty palettes and then I am going to make so many pictures.

What do you think of this picture and do you have tips?


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