Photodiary | Bye beautiful weather..

A week ago I’ve put a photodiary online, because of the beautiful weather I made a lot of pictures. This photodiary was a great succes and I really liked to show my photos online. The past weekend I was in my garden, made some nice pictures and enjoyed the weather. Enjoy!


I made all these pictures in my garden. I have a pretty big garden so there are a lot of elements where I can make pictures of.


This bird sat on this fence and I made a picture of it. Nothing special as you can see.


A boeddha.. My garden looks pretty cool with all these aspects, credits to my mum.


Well I can’t complain that my garden doesn’t have any colours. What a beautiful flowers.

image5 [790501]

Pink, purple which colour is next?

image7 [790503]

This bird sat on the roof of my neighbours. I seriously zoomed in all the way from my garden to the roof to make this picture. And he is pretty sharp aswell!


In the garden we have a pond aswell, where these beautiful flowers are.


The jungle is real.


This flower has a pretty cool effect between all the green plants around it. I love it!


Well, there is a lot of colour in my garden. This time a red tree!


This is a lush bad bomb. No, just kidding, although it really looks like one. This is just the water of my pond, so special wow.

*I made these pictures with a Canon sx60 HS and they aren’t edited.

Which photo is your favourite? 

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