Photodiary | Beautiful weather

A couple of days ago I was outside with a friend (Finally something else to do!). I made a couple of pictures here and somehow I’m really proud of it. Curious about this photodiary?


On the ground, far from me, I saw a bird standing. Awesome when you have a zoom function on your camera. I can zoom in with my camera 64 times.


I think this photo is pretty awesome tho. Especially the colour effect which the yellow flowers gives with the background.


More flowers! Well.. What can I say..


Bubbles! If I focused my camera a little bit more on the bubble then the bubble would look cooler, but well I’m not perfect.


Well, you can probably guess how my environment looked like.


Well here they are.. Weed, you can see those plants everywhere.


I think this is a beautiful picture also. Especially the depth which is in this picture.


What thing this picture makes beautiful, I have no idea. I think the two brown flowers and the white background of the other plants makes this picture special.


Ofcourse it is also the time to go sunbathing. Very casual on a stone bench.


A tree! 🙂


And as last.. Another view and all the elements where I made my pictures.

I didn’t edit these photos, not a little effect. The only thing I used is my camera, a Canon sx60 hs.

© All photo credits to Celine Klooster


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