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Outfit | Stripe jumpsuit from Bershka

I had my eye on this jumpsuit a long time, but I thought it was pretty expensive to buy it. When I arrived at the Bershka, I saw a stripe jumpsuit with 3/4 sleeves and the perfect length. This doesn’t happen often to me because I am pretty short. Still, this jumpsuit fits perfect and I bought it directly. Curious to this jumpsuit? Then check out this blog.

The stripe jumpsuit

This is the jumpsuit. It is actually a very simple jumpsuit, but perfect for me. I don’t like those jumpsuits with bright colors or flowers. That is just too busy for me. This jumpsuit with black white stripes is perfect for me.

The jumpsuit is made of a pretty thick fabric. Besides that, my waist gets accentuated with a piece of fabric where I have made a bow of. This doesn’t stand out, but I don’t think this is a problem. It is only a pity that this jumpsuit is pretty short, so I can’t wear this in the winter. I can wear panties under the jumpsuit, but I don’t think that looks pretty.

It is also a big disadvantage that this jumpsuit has a pretty low v neck. So if you don’t wear anything under it, then you can better don’t wear a jumpsuit, because it doesn’t cover anything. With this jumpsuit, it is a big recommendation to put a top under it. The disadvantage of a top under it is that it can roll up, so it looks like you have a bump on your stomach.

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Stripe jumpsuit

I have bought this stripe jumpsuit at the Bershka for 25 euros. A good price for this stripe jumpsuit. It is made from a thick fabric, is made from good quality and looks beautiful.

What do you think of this stripe jumpsuit?


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