Outfit | Culotte pants with white blouse

If you know me longer, then you know I really love nice pants. Every time I go to the store I immediately go to the pants department, searching for nice pants with nice prints. I think it is also very important that pants just suit comfortable because I am done with all the tight skinny jeans which you need to pull up all the time because otherwise you just walk with your ass all naked.  Today I will show you some nice and comfortable pants on my blog.

Culotte pants

I’ve bought these pants at Pull and Bear. This store has just launched in Almere and it is a real addition to this shopping city. I have discovered the Pull and Bear when I was in England. We have shopped a lot in England and went to the Pull and Bear pretty often. A beautiful store with extraordinary clothes. Love it!

These pants are pretty thin, unfortunately. I am 163cm and these pants are a bit short for me. I know that it is meant to be short, but I don’t understand how people can wear these pants when they are taller than me. For the tall people, I recommend the wear these pants in the store before you buy them.


The stripes on these pants are so amazing. You can buy these pants with red, green or yellow stripes. I went for the red ones because I think you can combine this easily. I wear these pants in Summer with a nice black t-shirt of with a white crop top. The crop top is perfect for that because these pants are a bit high-waisted. Besides that, these pants have a nice bow, but that’s a bit clumsy when you wear a longer blouse as the blouse on this picture. It looks like a have a huge stomach haha.

I can’t find these culotte pants on the website of Pull and Bear, unfortunately. I have found the same pants in another color. I think these are fantastic as well and I hope I can buy these soon as well. I have bought these pants in store for 18 euros and I think this is a decent price for such nice pants. I hope I can find these pants in the sale, so I can buy them for next summer.

What do you think of these culotte pants? 


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