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For me, holidays mean shopping. I have more time and there is a lot of sale of course. I love the sale and I buy most of my clothes in the sale. I have found a super nice off-shoulder dress. I am so in love with it.

Off-shoulder dress

This is one of the dresses I have bought in the sale. I have bought this dress at Forever 21. It hung all alone in the store and it also didn’t have a price tag. After fitting the dress and asking for the price, of course, I wanted to buy it immediately. The dress also had a belt, but that one was lost. I got a little discount for this. That’s always nice of course ;).

You can’t see it clearly, but on this picture, you can see there are some buttons on the dress. This is a very cute touch to the dress. The off-shoulder sleeves are also amazing. I think this is the nicest part of the dress. On the dress are also some straps, so you don’t have to worry that you lose your dress somehow.

The back of the dress is the same as the front. Nothing special like a low back or something like that. Unfortunately, it is hard to wear the dress in winter, because it has some off-shoulder sleeves.

The buttons are really cute, as I already said. These aren’t in the color of the dress, but I think that’s pretty cute. The only bad thing is that the buttons aren’t finished that well, but you don’t see this when you are wearing the dress. Someone needs to come very close if he really wants to see that.

What do you think of this dress?



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