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I love backpacks. Backpacks in different colors, but also basic backpacks. A backpack has to be comfortable and it needs to fit enough things. I frequently take my laptop to school or somewhere else or I need to carry a lot of books in my backpack to school. For those things, I have found the perfect backpack.

Black basic backpack

This is the backpack. A beautiful black backpack. The straps of the backpack support your back and your shoulders amazing, this way you don’t have to hurt your back anymore. I often hurt my back because of my heavy books and my laptop weighs also a couple of kilos. With this backpack, this isn’t the case at all. This backpack of Sleevy has also a padded back panel. This is also very comfortable.

The only disadvantage of this backpack is that it is pretty big. I am 1.62m long and this backpack just looks gigantic on me. For me, the backpack needed to be smaller. Now, the backpack is almost longer than my back and I don’t think that is pretty, to be honest. I have learned that I need to look at the size of a backpack, but also to the sizes of the other things. I didn’t do this (stupid!).

As you can see, this backpack doesn’t look that big on my brother. He is a bit taller and he also has a male posture. This backpack fits perfect on my brother.

Did you know Sleevy has some other beautiful and colorful designs? Are you looking for a beautiful colorful backpack with a beautiful design? Then you definitely have to check out the site of Sleevy.


The nice thing of this backpack is that it has a lot of pockets. I can put my pouch in one pocket, but also my keys, makeup bag, and other things. Perfect for women who take too many stuff to school or work. This bag also has a laptop pocket. A laptop of 17.3″ fits in here. Almost every laptop fits in here. In this laptop pocket, you can also put some other documents.

This backpack costs 45 euros. I think this is a bargain for such a big backpack, which is patted perfectly and also perfect for school of course. It looks pretty strong, so you can definitely survive school with this bag a couple of years.

What do you think of this backpack? 


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