Outfit | An unexpected combination

A red coat and silver shoes. A combination where you won’t immediately think of. Still, I wore this combination and I don’t regret it. A combination which I definitely going to wear more often. Curious how this combination looks like on me?

The coat


It was a rainy day, but I suddenly thought of making outfit photos. I received an awesome coat and some really cool shoes. Full of courage I walked outside. My brother was ready to make some cool photos. After a couple of photos the battery was empty and I needed to go inside to grab a new battery. Outside, it rained again. I waited so long for the rain to stop, but it kept raining. Finally we decided to go inside to make some pictures, but this wasn’t really succesfully. Making outfit photos outside look ten times more beautiful than inside. Still I did make a couple of nice outfit photos!


I’ve got a super nice e-mail of the web shop Sevenbien. I was allowed to choose a couple of nice clothes for a amount of money. I’ve chosen for a red coat and silver shoes. In my head I rembered myself I needed to combine these two pieces of clothing. I seriously had no idea how, but it worked out for me.


The coat looks really thin and it looks like it is a huge flannel. The fabric isn’t made of flannel-fabric, so that’s nice. The coat is definitely not a wintercoat, but just a vest to wear at school.


There are many women coats which can be worn by men. I think a men can wear this coat as well. My brother has a flannel which looks a lot like this coat. So why not.


The coat is pretty big. I ordered the coat in the size S/M, but you can’t really see that. If you said this coat was in size L/XL, then I would believe it as well.

Advantages and disadvantages

+ Coat is oversized.

+ Red and original coat.

+ Cheap coat, 25 euros.

– Coat attracts a lot of hairs.

– The fabric gets fluffy pretty fast.

– Bigger size than expected.

The shoes


These shoes holy shit! (Am I allowed to curse on my blog?!). I walked with these shoes through the school and I seriously got a couple of compliments about these amazing shoes. I really felt like everyone noticed my shoes, but then on the right way. I seriously can see myself in these shoes and that is really cool.


The shoes were fortunately a bit damaged and they are pretty small. The site said that you needed to order the shoes in one size bigger and I did this. Still I have the feeling that I needed to buy the shoes two sizes bigger, although I normally have size 36.

Advantages and disadvantages

+ Super cool shiny shoes.

+ Cheap, 25 euros.

+ Shoes get noticed, on the right way.

– Shoes are a bit damaged.

– The size is too small.

Would you make this combination and would you dare to wear it?


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