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Nine apps every blogger needs

I am probably not the only one who uses phones pretty often. I do this daily and that’s the reason why I need the right apps. Today I tell you about my favorite blogging apps and what you definitely need.


I just downloaded Evernote, but it is already my favorite app. With Evernote you can make notes via normal text, photos, remembers, lists and audio. A lot of features to save things. I don’t use this app only for my blog, but also for school. I can save my ideas super easy in this app and also on different ways.



Everyone who has WordPress, needs this app. No, I don’t write my blogposts with this app. The only thing I do on this app, is commenting on the comments I receive on my blog. Still a really handy part of the app. You can do a lot more with this app of course, but I don’t use it for that.


The same as with the app from WordPress. When you blog on Blogger, then you definitely need this app.


Buffer is seriously so good. A couple of weeks ago I talked about planning and how you can plan on the best way. One of my apps was about Buffer. With Buffer you can plan your social media posts very easily and you never have to think about this again. I have this app since a pretty long time and it is definitely worth it.

Google analytics

Also, you definitely can’t miss Google Analytics on your phone. I use this app especially when I check my visitor amount. I don’t do this often, but I think this is way easier than the pc version.

Facebook pages

Facebook removed the feature to take a look on you Facebook page and manage it with the normal Facebook app. I think this is the most stupid choice they ever made, but they only did this, so you need to download the other app. And well, when you have a Facebook page, then you really need to download this app..


I don’t use Canva that often, but that’s more because I don’t have much time. I use this app to make some new pictures for my Pinterest account. After my test week and probably in the Christmas holidays I will work more on this account and more on these photos.


Okay, I pretty much don’t earn anything with this. It is pretty nice to earn a bit of money with this. You can use the app pretty easily and it works pretty much the same as Google Analystics. Also a big recommendation.


This app is pretty much the same app as Ecernote. This app is just a lot easier and has less features. With this app you can make exercises and to-do lists. You can also make little notes with this app



I’ve made this goal list for you. In this goal you can put sticky notes or just write on the sheet. I have made one version and you can download it here.

What apps do you already use and which one are you going to download for sure?


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