Nicest pr-lists for bloggers

It is always nice to be registered at some press lists. A couple of days ago I talked with a bloggers group about which pr-list would be the nicest. I thought it was also nice to share these pr-lists with other bloggers, that’s why I share these pr-lists with you.

Bloggers and Brands

I am not registered at this pr-list, but this pr-list is really amazing. Unfortunately, they have a minimum of 5000 unique visitors, so I have to have patience. I follow this pr-list on Twitter. They are super active there with their followers and bloggers and they wrap their press emails so nice! I really hope I can register at this press list very fast.



This pr-list emailed me to register and I definitely don’t regret this! Via this pr-list, I got in contact with the brand Batiste dry shampoo. I got this dry shampoo in a welcome press mail and after that, I also got another dry shampoo which I was allowed to review this press list. I hope that they soon have more brands and press messages.


This is actually not a press list, but via this ‘list’ you can earn money via videos. When you want a video from a certain brand or a certain subject and want to put this on your blog, then you can earn money via that video. You can earn per click a certain amount of money. This is different per video. Super handy when you use videos in your blog posts!

Verdien met bloggen

A couple of weeks ago I got in contact with this press list. I was already registered at this press list, but I never received an e-mail from them. Still, I received an e-mail about a cooperation with Esprit a couple of weeks ago.

De perslijst

You get emails of events and other news from this press list. Unfortunately, I can never go to this events, because this is most of the time on a school day. Also, I think the travel costs are so expensive and unfortunately I don’t have a free card.

How can you register at a press-list?

On every site of pr-lists are registered forms or an e-mail address where you can e-mail to. Don’t forget to write a nice e-mail, where you write about yourself and your blog and also visitors amounts. You can also put your media kit in this e-mail and your social media followers. Don’t forget to leave a blog link, because they can’t do anything without a link.


Today a printable which I’ve shared with you guys before. I thought this printable fits perfectly, so why not. Today I have this checklist for you. You can put your pr-list in here or things which you have to put in your e-mail. You can download this checklist in black or purple.

Do you know more nice pr-bureaus? I would love to heart that!


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