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New skincare products! | Urtekram bodylotion, day cream and more

It becomes colder, my skin becomes dryer and my skincare products need some replacements. In the summer it is pretty easy to keep my skin healthy, but in the winter this is almost impossible. Today I test a couple of products from Urtekram which need to make sure my skin and also my scalp become softer.

Day cream

The day cream is really amazing. It looks a bit like the substance of suncream because it is pretty thick. Still, I can apply it very easily and it doesn’t leave a white glow. After three days you already see a clear difference in my skin. My skin is less dry and I don’t see any loose skin sitting on my face.


Water, vegetable oil products, glycerine**, shea butter*, jojoba oil*, aloe vera*, apricot oil*, almond oil*, corn starch*, evening primrose oil*, birch sugar, polysaccharide, citric acid, vitamin E. * = Organic farming. ** = Made using organic ingredients.

Lip balm

I am also very happy with the lip balm. Of course, a while ago I received a lip balm from Beauty Kitchen, but I think it is pretty nice when it is just a stick. Now my hands don’t become greasy and that is nice of course. I will definitely put this one in my bag when I have dry lips.


Olive oil*, carnauba wax*, castor oil*, shea butter*, cocoa butter*, jojoba oil*, cetyl alcohol, hyaluronic acid, hexapeptide-11, vitamin E, sesame oil*, vanilla extract*, * = from Organic farming.

Tea Tree shampoo


This shampoo is very nice. It smells like tea and it is perfect for when you have an irritated scalp. I have an irritated scalp and I can definitely say my scalp didn’t become more irritated by this shampoo. Unfortunately, I can’t say that this shampoo improved my skin because I don’t use it long enough. On my Instagram, I will tell if my scalp improved or not.


Water, vegetable oil products, corn sugar soap, aloe vera*, glycerine**, tea tree oil*, lavender oil*, perfume (plant extract), salt, polysaccharide, magnolia bark extract, vitamin E. * = Organic farming. ** = Made using organic ingredients.

Nordic birch body lotion


I think I’ve found my favorite smell. The body lotion smells so nice. To be honest, I don’t really know what Nordic birch is, but it really smells like tea. It actually smells a bit like lemon tea. The body lotion is liquidly, so when I used it for the first time, the body lotion literally dripped off my hand. I didn’t expect that the lotion would be so liquidly.


Water, plant-based emulsifiers and stabilisers, olive oil*, shea butter*, aloe vera*, glycerine**, corn starch*, apricot kernel oil*, evening primrose oil*, jojoba oil*, birch leaf extract*, horsetail extract, perfume, citric acid, sweet orange oil *, rose flower extract*, Bisabolol, magnolia bark extract, vitamin E. * = Organic farming. ** = Made using organic ingredients.

Nordic Birch cleansing lotion from Urtekram

The smell is a bit different, while it says that it is the same smell. Still, this smell is very nice. The substance of the cleansing lotion is a bit thicker, but my skin becomes very dry of it. That’s why I am going to use the cleansing lotion to remove my eye makeup or my swatches.


Water, glycerine**, olive oil*, almond oil*, aloe vera*, vegetable oil products, corn starch*, birch leaf extract*, polysaccharide, jojoba oil*, perfume (plant extract), magnolia bark extract, vitamin E. * = Organic farming. ** = Made using organic ingredients.

Did you know Urtekram and how do these products look like for you?


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