My trip to Granada


On the moment you read this, I am in Granada. Granada is a city in Spain and I am going here for school. I am going to do a lot of things and I am so excited for it. I write this on the moment when I am not in Granada. The same as with the England articles I am going to write a couple of articles with my experiences in Granada. What am I going to do in Granada? That is what I am going to put on a row.

Nuevo de octubre

On Sunday 9 October I am leaving to Granada. I write this on the 6th of October, but you will probably read this a bit later. I need to be on the airport at 6:30. I leave from Schiphol and the trip takes around three hours. I don’t fly to Granada, but we land in Málaga. I have no idea why this is like this, but we need to ride with a bus for one hour.. Weird.. Around 14:00 we arrive in Granada and then we probably go to the hotel. Around 15:30 we are going to do an exploration. I have no idea what this means, but I am excited for this. Around 18:30 we are going to eat at FrescCo and then it is the end of the first day.

Diez de octubre

The second day we have to eat breakfast at 8:00 in the morning (already!). First I thought, damn that’s so early, but then you can do a lot in one day. I have to go to school in Granada as well and I actually have no idea how this will look like. Maybe it is going to become a really bored class or maybe we are going on the streets to do exercises. This class ends at 13:00. After that we are going to eat some lunch and then we are going to do a city tour with a guide. So nice! We also have a lot of spare time, so we can decide where we want to go to. Around 20:00 we have a tapas tour.. Hmm..

Once de octubre

The third day we start with a breakfast again. Next we have a class and then we are going to visit the Alhambra. This day we have a lot of spare time as well. We also going to eat diner at FrescCo.

Doce de octubre

The fourth day in Granada. We start with breakfast and a class again, what a surprise. On this day is a national anniversary, so we are going to see a lot of nice things. We are going to make a trip through the Sacromonte, where we will see a lot of this anniversary. After that we are going to eat at a restaurant.

Trece de octubre

And yes again, you already guess it. The fifth day we start with some breakfast and a class. Next we are going to an hammam (yes!). We stay here for around two hours and next we get some time to eat some lunch. Around 15:00 we are going to pay a visit to a cathedral what takes around two hours. Eh.. Two hours in a cathedral?! And yes again, we are going to eat some delicious food at FrescCo. We finish this day with a flamenco night!

Catorce de octubre

The last day again. Breakfast and no class today. We leave immediately to Velez de Benaudalla, an olive oil factory. Next we are going to a beach named Salobreña. I am probably going to make a lot of photos here. Around 18:30 we need to be at the airport again. It is so weird tho.. We need to be a the gate at around 20:30. Before this we have to eat dinner, check in and do like everything. Wish me luck!

More photos

After my trip I am going to share a lot of pictures with you of course. I probably made a lot of pictures, so that it like two memory cards full. I am not going to share this in one article but in a couple.


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