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Soon I need to choose a study. I actually need to exclude some studies before January, because they have a selection procedure but I think I have done that now. Still, I doubt between two studies and I don’t know anything sure yet. Curious about the study Communication science? Then read this article.

Communication science

I have visited an open day for the studies sociology, Politicology, General social sciences, Cultural anthropology and development science and another study I already forgot. Still, I don’t think these studies suit me because I really like some subjects instead of the whole study.

Communication science

I think I am going to do the study communication science at the University of Amsterdam. This is a study which is all about media. At the Vu, they have also a study called communication- and information science, what really attracts me. If I think of the Vu, I think about medical studies instead of media studies. Uva is one of the best media schools and I think that really attracts me. I have the feeling if I am going to do this study at the Uva that I will get a lot of chooses and that I can really follow my heart, then.

Have you studied communication science or do you have tips? Let me know!


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