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Inglot products | What do I think of this?

A while ago I won some amazing Inglot products from I was so enthusiastic about this and that’s why I write an article about it. I didn’t know this brand, so I was very curious about it. Well, I expected a bit more..

The Inglot products


These are all the products. Really beautiful products which call your attention. I have got a lipstick, powder and some eyeshadow. I don’t understand how this powder works. I am not a big fan of powder, because I have a really dry skin. A dry skin and powder don’t work together.



I am super enthusiastic about this lipstick. A beautiful and simple package, but I notice a bit of luxe as well. The lipstick opens pretty tight, but also pretty fluent. This way you just don’t pull the top of.


I hesitate a lot about the color of this lipstick. It is pretty dark and it is really hard to apply. I don’t know if it is because of my dry lips, but this lipstick is really hard to apply. It is a matte lipstick of course, but that doesn’t mean it has to be hard to apply.



I am so in love with these colors. I didn’t have these colors yet and I am very enthusiastic. Red colors are definitely beautiful, but pretty hard to apply. Especially with a pale skin. The colors are really matt and I am not a fan of that. I love glitters way more, but I can solve that very easily.


These are the swatches of the lipstick and the eyeshadow. The lipstick is very dark and I am not sure if this suits my pale skin. I don’t want to look like the devil. The pigment of the eyeshadow is not that good, unfortunately. Maybe I am used to my Colourpop shadows, but I really have to go with my fingers a couple of times over the eyeshadow until there comes of more color.


This powder… Well… I don’t know what I can do with this powder, but I am very happy with it. Maybe I can use this later. You can apply this powder super easy with the dot thing. The dot thing is super soft and without powder also amazing.


What do you think of this color? I am not totally sure about this color. I think this color is a bit too dark. The lipstick is hard to apply and that’s why it looks really weird on my lips. The color is super pretty for someone with a dark skin.


Believe it or not, but this is the red eyeshadow on my eyes. I have used the brown eyeshadow for the shadows. The eyeshadow is really matt and that’s why I have used a bit of Koosh. It became a really pretty look tho. I am a huge fan!

What do you think of these Inglot products?


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