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My new gadgets | Photos and review

Written by Celine

1 July 2016

A week ago, I had contact with Coolgift. A webshop which sells many gadgets. I’ve tested out a couple of these nice gadgets and today I write a review about it.


As first, I review this lamp. Yes, this is a lamp and you can write something on it as you can see. The lamps works the same as a whiteboard, so you can remove the text if you don’t like it. A super origineel lamp and maybe this lamp is nice for a birthday present so you can leave a message for the birthday guy or girl.


The lamp is delivered in this box. The lamp was pretty good packed, so nothing can be destroyed. A nice box with an example on it. Unfortunately I can’t write that pretty, so that’s not gonna work out. This lamp costs €22.95


Unfortunately the lamp is damaged, although it was pretty good packaged. There are a couple of dimples in the top of the lamp and on the sides. I put it on my shelve, so I can’t see the top, but it’s still pretty stupid. On the black sides you can let the delivered pencil hang, because the sides are magnetic. You can also put a couple of lovely magnetic figures on the side or something else of course. Unfortunately, the lamps needs batteries and isn’t just on normal power. Very bad, because the batteries can be empty pretty fast and that’s pretty expensive.


When you know me from school, then you knows that I don’t have any markers. I always need to lend markers, because I don’t have those in my case. My case is pretty small aswell, so it won’t even fit. These markers are really perfect for the beauty bloggers. I really love lipstick so that’s why these markers are perfect. These markers cost €12.95. I’m need sure if I think this is expensive. If you can use the marker the whole year, then it’s worth the money.


Here I have a couple of swatches of the markers. The colours are beautiful, okay it’s pretty much normal colours which you always see when you use a marker, but hey, the markers are good! To all my classmates: I promise that I will never lend markers anymore.


Then now this beautiful notebook. I love black and that’s why I will use this notebook often. This notebook is not only a notebook, but a waterproof notebook. Now it is the question of course, does this waterproof notebook really work? Okay, I didn’t expect this, but it really works. The swatches of the markers which you saw here above, are a little bit blended, but the papers is not wet and the characters aren’t faded or wiped out. Also when you touch the characters with your fingers then it will still stay on it’s place. Like nothing happened and believe me, I emptied my whole bottle of water on this notebook.


This gadget is also damaged a bit. On the outside there are a couple of ‘dimples’ on the cover of the notebook. This is because, when you open the notebook and go to the next page then you bend the cover of the notebook a bit. On the inside the notebook is pretty bad made. I thought this wasn’t meant to be done like this and I tried to rip the pages of the cover, but this didn’t work, because the page is stuck with glue. The notebook costs €12.95


If you watch my blog good, then you could read that I bought visit cards a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t have a nice box or something to put the visit cards it, but now I have one! This is a suitcase for my visit cards. I’m the dumb person who didn’t know how to open this suitcase. I tried to pull the suitcase open and I pressed everything I could. In the end I noticed that you just need to pull two buttons at the sides of the suitcase, what you need to do with a normal suitcase aswell. Dumb!


This suitcase is made of soft material on the inside. Very clean and there isn’t any dimple or something else in the suitcase. You can put a lot of visit cards in it, enough to go out or when you need visit cards. This suitcase costs €10.95.

Which gadget do you think is the nicest?

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I am Celine. Enthusiastic, passionated and a bit perfectionistic, but I especially love blogging. Sharing my beauty and fashion tips was always something I loved to do. Go to my about me page to get to know me.

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