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Today something where I am very enthusiastic about. I really love a vintage look and especially chokers. I didn’t have many chokers, until I bought six chokers on Aliexpress. After that I got emailed by a really nice store which sells chokers. Today I have received three nice chokers and I write an article about that.

The chokers


I was allowed to choose three different chokers and I have chosen these three. I think they are really amazing. The first one is a bit in a vintage style and I think that is really nice. When you take a closer look then you see the choker exists in a couple of shapes. Flowers to be clear. The second choker exists in a marble triangle. The choker is a bit thinner than the others. The third one is a bit of a bohemian style and I think that is so great. Just something else, instead of those boring black chokers.

Bohemian choker


This is the bohemian choker. The choker is a bit thicker than than the others. You can make the choker really big and really small. When you want to make the choker a bit loser, then you can do that with this choker. Actually super handy when you don’t like that ‘choking’ feeling.


The choker is pretty big, to say that like this. I also notice that it is very hard to make the choker smaller. Now it looks really lose and it looks like the right side of my neck is bigger than the left side..

Vintage choker


I had already this kind of choker. The choker has a flower shape and actually a bit vintage. When I put on the choker, it immediately started to tickle. It looks like I just came back from the barber and the barber didn’t remove the hairs.. Further the choker is very pretty, but this is a big disadvantage.


Marble choker


This is one of my favorite chokers. The chokers has a marble stone in the middle. In contrary to the other choker, this choker doesn’t tickle. On the back of the choker is a closing and you can make him smaller very easily. On the photo below I don’t use the choker really as a choker, but more like a lose necklace.


The necklace is a bit lose for me, but you can make him smaller. The necklace suits with everything and that’s really nice.

Three amazing chokers, which I am all going to wear. What do you think of these chokers?


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