Most read posts which you definitely have to read

Maybe a bit early, but today I have made a roundup of my most read posts. I am pretty surprised about this roundup and some things I didn’t really expect. Curious about this roundup? Then check out this post.

My most read posts about blogging

I will tell about two blog posts from each category which got read the most. The first post is a post about eight ways to promote your blog. This blog post was probably very popular because I describe in that post things which aren’t very popular. Besides that, I don’t really know the reason. The second blog post is all about which rules you need to keep up with when you organize a giveaway.  This is not very known under all bloggers and I frequently send this post to other bloggers when I organize a giveaway together.most read posts

My most read posts about beauty

The first most read post is all about my favorite eyeshadow from Colourpop. You definitely agreed with me when I showed this eyeshadow. Besides that, this post about a  hair serum is read a lot. For me, this was very surprising because, in my opinion, this post isn’t that good… Besides that, it is a very old post.

My most read posts about fashion

The first post which people read is my post about Holland Next Top Model. This post is only in Dutch, unfortunately. Besides that, the post about fashionable clothes people have read a lot. This article is all about a very nice top, which is made from a horrible material. Very nice to read…

What are your most read posts about?

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