My Mac stash, favourite lipstick?

Mac lipsticks are seriously my favourite lipsticks. They are available in all different kind of colors and I have ten different kind of lipsticks in ten different kind of colors. I need to admit, it’s really difficult to choose a favourite lipstick out of these lipsticks, but I do it for you guys.


These are all my Mac lipsticks. I know, it’s alot, but I have seen alot of girls who have alot more. Between these ten lipsticks I’m going to make a choice and that’s pretty difficult.


Okay. That wasn’t that hard. I have made a selection of five. These lipsticks are temporary in my favourite list. The other lipsticks look alot like eachother so I judged the lipstick on the look of the box. Some Mac lipsticks didn’t look really good anymore, so bye bye favourite. Between these five lipsticks I need to make a selection.


Okay, I couldn’t choose a favourite. I chose a favourite for the lightest color, for the darkest color and for the everyday color. The left one is the lightest color (duh!). In the middle you see Dark Deed, that’s one of my favourite lipsticks for the darkest color. At the right you see Diva. A beautiful color for an everyday look, for as example, school. I don’t say the left and middle color around good for a everyday look, but the right one is the best.


I swatched the color for you. All three colors are beautiful colors and are my three favourite colors out of my Mac stash.

Which color is your favourite?

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