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My lipstick stash grows really too much through the time. I have around twenty lipsticks now, but I lost a big amount of lipsticks. I’ve lost my first MAC lipstick, very stupid of me of course. The next day I found the lipstick all broken on the street. Curious what’s left of my lipstick stash? Then read this article.

My budget lipsticks


Catrice lipsticks are one of my favorite budget lipsticks. I am definitely going to buy a couple more when they have a discount at the Kruidvat. I also have my VVV card and I want to spend that card at the Kruidvat. I still wait for the moment when I am allowed to review a lot of lipsticks for my blog, but I think that moment will never come unfortunately..


Lipstick colours from left to right: In a Rosegarden, Hey Nude.., Pinker-Bell, MATTrection, Red My Lips.


Swatches from the bottom: Pinker-Bell, In a Rosegarden, Hey Nude.., MATTrection, Red my Lips.

My favorite lipstick from Catrice is definitely In a Rosegarden. I use this nude lipstick almost every day. Although this lipstick is really creamy and it doesn’t stays on my lips for that long, I still think this colour is really gorgeous. I never came across another version of this colour what stays on my lips for long. I think the creamy part is really amazing. I think matt nude lipsticks aren’t that pretty. Then it looks like your lips are really dry and that’s not the meaning of course.

Kylie Jenner Fake liquid lipsticks


I once wrote an article about one of these liquid lipsticks, but some people wondered if these lipsticks were good for your lips. I didn’t had any allergic reactions of course, otherwise I would never put these on my blog. Since that moment I never wear these liquid lipsticks anymore. Maybe they are totally save, but they can also be bad for my skin. I didn’t like the structure of this liquid lipsticks at all. It looks like your lips are really dry and hard, but this is the liquid lipstick it self. These lipsticks fit really good in my stash.


Here another picture of this beautiful liquid lipstick. Unfortunately, I never wore this one, because I am a bit scared of the comments of my readers haha. It all was meant good and I am very happy that you guys warned me for this. This beautiful liquid lipstick fits beautiful between my other lipsticks. A really pretty eye-catcher.


The lowest four swatches are the swatches of the Kylie Jenner (fake) liquid lipsticks and the lipliner. From the bottom: Candy K, Koko K, Exposed.

Exposed is really my favorite colour, unfortunately I can never wear it..

Lipsticks I never use


Then I also have a drawer with lipsticks which I never use. These lipsticks are really bad or I just don’t like the colours. There are all different kinds of lipsticks between these.


These are the only lipsticks I like a little bit. I threw away all lipgloss, because I really hate lipgloss. From the left to the right:  Nivea Beauté Cardinal 25, Revlon Charm Charme 035, Shiny Lipgloss, Eveline Cosmetics Fruit Lipgloss, Indra 50, Maybelline Crispy Cookie 735, Kiko lipmarker 104, Etos COLOURcare 009, Etos COLOURcare 007.

My mac lipsticks


Admit, we were all waiting for this. My beautiful MAC lipsticks. I am super stupid to remove the stickers of some of my MAC lipsticks, so I can’t tell you which lipstick is the one you want to know. I know the lipsticks above tho. From the left to the right: Diva, Russian Red, Instigator, Dark Deed.


These are the MAC lipsticks without a name unfortunately.. If you know one of the names of the MAC lipstick then I would love to hear it. Some lipsticks are really old and aren’t that pretty anymore. From some lipsticks is even the brand broken, it is that old.


I think the swatches of these MAC lipsticks are really pretty. Every lipstick has a lot of pigmentation and you only have to apply the lipsticks once to see the colour. For the ones who love lipsticks a lot, the four lipstick I know the name of. From the bottom: Diva, Russian Red, Instigator, Dark deed.

Making this article

Did you ever get that moment when you think, why do I do this again? I had that with making this article. I really underestimated making the swatches. Also the weather didn’t work for me, so the pictures were darker than I expected. I don’t want to kill my quality, but making the picture took so much longer than I expected. After the photos I wanted to remove the swatches, but this didn’t work out as well.. That was the end of my afternoon playing Sims 4.. I walk the whole week with a couple of swatches on my arm. So if you want to find me, then look at the swatches on my arm.

If someone asks a picture of all the lipsticks on my lips, that’s not gonna work out. When I test all the lipsticks on my lips then I can probably remove my lips. If you are curious what a lipstick looks on my lips then you can always ask it. I would love to swatch that on my lips!


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