My last two days in Granada

Granada is such a beautiful city. I went here for school and if you read my last article, then you know how beautiful this city is. Today I tell about the last two days in Granada. The same as the last days, two days to never forget.



The fifth day we’ve visited the Cathedral of Granada. From the outside it looked really big, but from the inside it looked incredible. This cathedral was so big and I never expected this. We got a sort of device where you could put your headphones in and listen to some explanation. First I listened to the explanation and I followed the instructions very easily, but after a while I didn’t follow the story and just made some pictures of this beautiful cathedral.




I walked inside the cathedral and the first thing I thought. “Wow big.”. I felt like a dwarf in a mega house (#teamdwarf). The device where the explanation came out, said we needed to go to a sort of a point. On that point you could see a lot of different things and hear a lot of different things about the cathedral. Everywhere in the cathedral hang boards with the message you needed to be silence, but nobody listened to this. I thought it was really funny to see that some of my teachers didn’t even listen to this.




Always when I see this kind of cathedrals, I wonder myself how they can build this. Imagine, this cathedral is built around 1000 years ago (okay, I don’t know the exact facts). How can they make these beautiful things in that year?. How can this cathedral be that high?!




So much gold! It is beautiful to see this cathedral and I definitely want to go back.




I thought it was amazing to see that all these ‘cool’ guys in my class looked really interested to all the beautiful things which you could see. I was pretty fast with watching all the things and finally I was even faster than the other boys. It was also cool to make all these photos and especially to change the settings every time. I’ve learned a lot from this visit.




Tja, what can I say more about this beautiful cathedral..




Before we visited this beautiful cathedral we went to shop some stuff. I’ve bought a vest and a sweater for my brother, but in the apartment I noticed that there was a hole in my vest. So I went to change the vest fast. With a couple of cool people we went to search a sweater “the Granada sweater”. Everyone in the Granada class bought this sweater and then you can’t stay behind of course. (See: I didn’t buy the sweater and now I regret it so much!).



After the cathedral I went with a couple of people to put henna on our arms. This only costed two euros and I was super happy with this. Unfortunately, stupid me went to shower. This way the henna looked a bit bad, but after a day it disappeared.

Photo credits to Laura*



The last day we went to a beautiful beach. I went with a couple of girls to a terrace to drink something and after that we sat next to a couple of rocks to hide for the wind. The sun was shining and it was around 24 degrees, but because of the wind we almost froze our asses of. We went to lay in the sun behind a rock to sleep a bit. I also wrote in my diary. You will probably think, huh diary?! I needed to write in a diary. This whole diary I needed to write in Spain, so that was a lot of work.



After a couple of hours sitting there, we went to make a group picture and after that we went back to the airport. Unfortunately the six beautiful days in Granada were over.



I enjoyed Granada so bad and I will definitely go back one day. I hope to go back to Spain. What a beautiful country.


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