My Hunkemöller wishlist

Everyone knows the store Hunkemöller. The lingerie of this store is from a good quality and the lingerie looks really good. Curious about my wishlist?

Hunkemöller Lingerie


This bra is one of my favourites. It’s not too bright of a colour and the bra is made out of lace. I love lace and that’s the reason why I’ve chosen this bra.


Now the second bra on my wishlist. This bra looks pretty different than the first bra I’ve chosen. Also with lace, because I love lace a lot, but the fit is a bit different. I think this bra is pretty good for a low cut dress. So you can’t see a piece of the bra, but you can still wear the bra.


Without I noticed I only chose bra’s with lace. This bra has lace aswell, but you don’t see that very well. Why this bra is one of my favourites, I don’t really know. Although this bra looks a bit ‘drew’ and that gives a pretty effect.

Hunkemöller bathwear


Now bikini’s! I love bikini’s and I definitely need a pretty one. I think this bikini is gorgeous, especially when you are tanned. Maybe it’s not handy to go sunbathing with this bikini, but for a beach party or another occasion this bikini is gorgeous.


This bikini looks a bit like a bra. The shape of the bikini is really pretty and perfect to go sunbathing with. I don’t know why, but I think the shape of a bra is way prettier than a bandeau bikini. I have the idea that with a bandeau bikini everything gets flat and I’m not a fan of that.


This is my fave bikini. I really like the middle and the black white effect with the pink effect through it makes the bikini something different. Ofcourse the shape of the bra is really pretty. I’m not that sure about the back, because the back has straps with a zigzag pattern.

Which bikini or bra is your favourite?


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Photos: © 2016 Hunkemöller


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