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The Born Pretty Store. I have no idea if this webshop is pretty famous, but I’ve heard from it somehow. Today I review a couple of products of this store, curious if I’m satisfied with these products?


I will start with the two ‘brushes’.  Well you can’t really call one of them a brush, because one is more like a sponge. I start with the real brush. When I took the box of the brush, the brush smelled a lot like paint. Yes, for real, paint. I don’t know how this is possible, but I washed the brush immediately. I didn’t lose any hairs of the brush when I washed the brush, so that’s an advantage.  After drying the brush I’ve tested the brush. It’s not the softest brush which I know, but it’s not a bad brush. He applies the foundation good and the brush leaves a natural effect. Also the brush didn’t become really dirty. After using foundation once, the brush still looks pretty good.


Now about the make-up sponge. The sponge looks pretty good (with exception of the weird yellow spot on the bottom). With the sponge you can apply your foundation a bit thicker. Because of this, your skin is a bit more covered. Everyone their preference, but I don’t need that. I have a pretty dry skin and with this sponge you see that way more. This sponge is perfect for the girls (or the boys of course!) who need a bit more cover, but if you have a dry skin, this brush isn’t a good choice. The brush is way better for a dry skin!

Born pretty store

I’m not really enthusiastic about this eyeliner. I don’t know if it is because of me, but I can’t get any colour of the eyeliner. It’s a  crème eyeliner and for the clumsy people (*cough*) is this eyeliner not very ideal. When I try to get a little bit of colour of the eyeliner, then I can’t get any colour off, but when I try it very hard then I finally works, but then there is a big whole in the eyeliner.


As you can see, on the swatches you see colour, but really lumpy. Also, I wasn’t able to make the lines smaller and I think it is a really no-go when you use that as an eyeliner. I wasn’t able to make a cat-eye or to get a bit of black colour on my eyelid.


I need to admit one thing. The box of the eyeliner is really pretty. Although the eyeliner doesn’t work, the eyeliner is still a great add to my stash. I put him in between my stash and it’s a pretty eyecatcher.


This is my eye. I’m pretty proud of this eye-look, because this is my first eye-look where I could make a picture of. After a long time searching on google, I finally discovered that you don’t need to put your camera in front of your eye but a bit lower. I wear this eye-look with a bit of eyeliner, eye pencil and a bit eyeshadow.

My first experiences with Born Pretty Store? For the price, the brush and the make-up sponge were pretty good. I’m not a big fan of the eyeliner. The delivery was pretty fast. I received a e-mail that the products would be at my home in about five weeks (what?!), but this was way shorter fortunately. I don’t know if I was just lucky, but I received the products in about two weeks.

How do you think these products are?

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