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My blog goals for August 2017

This month I am going to work a lot. I want to improve my blog, write a lot of articles and I also want to increase my reach. I have strict goals for myself and I hope I will reach these goals. Curious to my goals? Then read this article!

Last month, I didn’t publish a goal article, because I was very busy with school, unfortunately. Still, I am in a blogging group and we all put our goals in one document.

My goals from last month

Pinterest: 1500 followers

Facebook: 1000 likes

Twitter: 1400 followers

Instagram: 1750 followers

Blog: 4200 unique visitors (a month).


I will definitely reach my Pinterest goal. Lately, I am growing a lot by Tailwind and my other strategies. I will definitely reach this goal.


I think it is hard to get more likes on Facebook. It is just hard to reach more people on Facebook. When my giveaways went online, I got way more likes than usual, but this is harder when there aren’t any giveaways online anymore.


I need to put more time into Twitter. I have a lot of fun on Twitter and I want to get to know more people on Twitter. This month I am going to try to get in touch with more bloggers. I think I can learn a lot from other bloggers.


Instagram goes pretty well! I post way more and I notice that I get more interaction, but also more followers. Besides that, I think it is amazing to get more inspiration for pictures on Instagram.


I want to improve my blog a lot this month. I have tried to make my blog faster and I succeeded very well. This weekend I am going to improve my blog more and I am going to promote more as well. I have already made a promote plan.

My goals on one row for this month

Pinterest: 1800 followers

Facebook: 1150 likes

Twitter: 1450 followers

Instagram: 1750 followers

Blog: 5000 unique visitors (a month)

What are your blog goals for this month? 


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