My blog exists for 2 years!


Wow.. My blog exists for almost two years. On the 7th of july is my blog birthday. I have the feeling that I’m not blogging for that long, but I still do it with a lot of fun.

At first the quality of my blogs changed a lot. My first blogpost was horrible, but also great to see. Of course, I started with Anique, it was a great time and running a blog alone was a weird step. A lot changed. I needed to write a lot of articles and I needed to plan a lot, I love it!

When I look further to the a little bit later articles, I see there isn’t really a change in the quality of photos. I forgot the source and a lot of my articles where in a weird font. I don’t know how, but the way I wrote changed very fast. I know that I promoted my articles all day. Also I read a lot of blogs and that’s the reason why my writing style and my photos improved. I loved the rate my blog forum posts, where bloggers gave their honest opinion.


I was really addicted to changing my lay-out (read: very addicted!). I read tutorials about how I could change my lay-out the best all day, but I was never content. I know a lot of ccs and html and that’s all because of my lay-out addiction. On the photo above you see my very first lay-out. Every season I changed the background of this lay-our. I still do this, but now with little details. In the winter I had little snowflakes and I’m still searching for something lovely for the summer. I know I had a colour pad, although you don’t see that on the picture. Look, I will be honest. My lay-out wasn’t that bad voor a starting blogger, but for now it’s too much. I try to keep my lay-out clean, but I also try to keep it personal. Sometimes I miss something about my current lay-out (tips are welcome!), but I don’t know what.

After a while I changed from Blogger to WordPress and that was the best choice I ever made. When you work with WordPress you have so many options and plugins, so many advantages, you can all read this in the linked blogpost. After a while my lay-out was pretty much the same as my current one. I’m really proud of my current lay-out and especially on the improvements I made. Now I have a multi language beauty blog, which grows every day. I blog every day with much fun and I’m going to hold that for very long.

How long do you blog and what do you think about my transformation?

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