My Aliexpress beauty wishlist

I hear a lot of people talking about Ebay. I’m not the biggest fan of Ebay, although I ordered a couple of things on Ebay. I’m a big fan of Aliexpress. I think Aliexpress is very easy and ofcourse pretty cheap. Curious of my wishlist for beauty supplies?


At first I really want a Naked 4 dupe palette. This palette is amazing and when you get him home then even the brand is on it.


Brushes! I still need brushes and these brushes look stunning. They have the look of the Naked brushes, but the naked brushes are a little bit too expensive for me. Between these brushes there is a foundation brush aswell and that one is on the top rank of my wishlist.


Here is another palette. This palette has seriously beautiful colours. I really need this palette for the normal schooldays and well, I love nude colours!


I don’t know why I like this one so much, but these are amazing right? These are (fake) tattoos which goes off your skin after a couple of days. These tattoos are perfect for a party or maybe a cute summer outfit.


gel-eyeliner! I really need one, just to try it out and to see if it is better than a pencil. It’s a lot of fun to write a review about this.


Okay, I promise on my blog that I won’t buy all the palettes out of this blogpost. But you really need to see this one! So many colours and they are one by one beautiful. Some colours are perfect for school and the others are amazing for a party. You can combinate almost all colours. Maybe a little purple aspect in a brown eyeshadow? Everything is possible!


This blush looks perfect. Two different colours, so you can change between these two colours or even mix these two colours. Because of these two colours you can find the perfect colour for your skin.

Which product is your favourite?

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