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MineTan Violet Gradual Tan Foam | Review

Now that the nice weather will be gone for a while, it’s time to try out a new foam again. This time I am testing the MineTan Violet Gradual Tan Foam. A tan that promises to gradually give a nice brown color. Handy of course, especially if you don’t want the difference to be huge immediately. Still, I was a bit skeptical about this product ..

MineTan Violet Gradual Tan Foam

MineTan Violet Gradual Tan Foam

The MineTan Violet Self Tan Foam is a self-tanning mousse that gives the skin a warm tan. This makes this mousse perfect for creating a touch, without immediately seeing a huge difference. Thanks to the natural DHA tanning actives, antioxidants, and moisturizing oils, the color is absorbed into the skin faster and will last longer.

In addition, the skin will also get hydrated. In addition, the natural DHA provides a beautiful tan, without creating an orange effect. The color will build itself up, but will never look orange. The complexion will therefore always match your own skin color.

MineTan Violet Gradual Tan Foam

A couple of facts about this mousse:

  • Result in at least one hour.
  • Beautiful brown color.
  • For all skin types, even for dry skin.
  • Hydration thanks to antioxidants and oils.
  • No orange color.
  • Stripeless and fast drying.
  • No self-tan smell.
  • Free of parabens, 100% natural DHA.

MineTan Violet Gradual Tan Foam

You have to apply this mousse to your skin every day and after a few days, you will get a tan. Very handy of course, because there is not immediately a huge difference and the tanning process cannot go wrong.

I noticed immediately that the bottle gets empty relatively quickly. For example, a quarter is already out of the bottle, even though I have only used it for a week. In addition, I don’t think the color difference is huge. That isn’t the intention of course, but I expected a bigger difference.

MineTan Violet Gradual Tan Foam schuim

First, you need to shake the bottle, before the foam comes out of the bottle. The foam looks like this (see: the picture above) and you can apply the mousse very easily on your skin. To apply the mousse, I use a glove to spread out the mousse easily. This way I prevent stripes and I get a smooth result.

MineTan Violet Gradual Tan Foam MineTan Violet Gradual Tan Foam

On the pictures above you can see the before and after results. At first, I didn’t think there would be a clear difference, because I didn’t realize this at all. However, you can see a clear result in the photos above. To achieve this result, I applied the mousse for four consecutive days.

The MineTan Violet Gradual Tan Foam costs 20 euros and with this foam, you get this result. I will use this mouse to create a base for my other self-tan mousse from MineTan. With this mousse, I get a clear result after three hours and I hope that this base will keep the tan longer.

How does the MineTan Violet Gradual Tan Foam sound like to you?


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