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Today I have a mega review for you! Normally I review only one product each review article, but today I do it on another way. Curious about the products of Rogar & Gallet, Louis Widmer, Rogé Cavaillès en Darphin Paris?

Louis Widmer

As first I review this peeling of Louis Widmer. To be honest, I had no idea what a peeling was, so I googled it and I tried it out of course. I thought a peeling was a peel-off mask, but this peeling isn’t like that. A peeling is some kind of scrub. The peeling works pretty good. He doesn’t remove all dry spots, but it removes the dry spots for a big part. Also you don’t have to use a lot of the product. Yes the product is just a little tube which will be empty pretty soon. The product divides on the skin pretty good so you don’t have to use much of the product.


The last weeks I have a pretty irritated skin on my head and I hope this oil will solve that. After I showered I applied a bit of this oil on my skin and after that I waited for the results. You can use this oil for your hair and for your skin. I’m not very enthusiastic to use it for my hair. I applied a bit on my head, because I thought that would help, but my hair is pretty oily now and it just doesn’t feel good. I’m very happy that I applied the oil in the weekend and that I didn’t need to leave my house, otherwise I would walk all day with oily hair. The product on my skin is pretty good. It doesn’t leave anything sticky. You aren’t shiny because of the oil and my skin is pretty soft now. The smell of the oil isn’t my favourite, but I think I need to ignore that.


This is a bodylotion of Roger & Gallet. This bodylotion smells so sweet, perfect! At first it feels a little bit sticky, but after a while my skin gets pretty soft and I really need that because of my dry skin. You can use this bodylotion when you want to wear a dress, but you need to get rid of your dry legs.


Probably, some bloggers do this aswell, but I know some bloggers don’t do this. While I test out these products then I write immediately what I think about it and what my experiences are. Some bloggers can make a huge review of what happened after they tested the product, but I can’t do this. Now I test the deo and on it just doesn’t work. I don’t know if it is because of me and that I don’t have any muscles in my fingers, but yeah. After a while of pressing the button it finally worked. It works pretty good now, it was just a simple test to check my muscles of my fingers haha. The smell of the deodorant is pretty good. It smells a bit like Zwitsal en I’m a big fan of that smell. The deodorant is without parfum, so you armpits stay pretty soft. Some deodorants irritate my armpits, I think this happens because there is parfum in some deodorants.

What do you think of these products of Newpharma?

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