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A while ago I have received a couple of amazing product from Pixi by Petra, also called Pixi Beauty. A new collection came out, the Lash & Line Love. This is a beautiful collection with a lot of different makeup products to make beautiful eye looks with. From mascara’s to eye pencils, this collection has it all. Curious about this collection? Then read this blog.

Lash & Line Love

These are the products I have received. As you can see, it is a lot and they are super pigmented. I won’t talk too much about all the products in this blog post, but I will write a couple of separate reviews about the products. I am going to write a review about the mascara and primer, but if you want to see more reviews then I would love to hear that of course.

Eye pencils

This eye pencil is really amazing. Normally I am not a huge fan of bright colors, but with this eye pencil your eyes will stand out a lot. It is a super soft eye pencil and it is super pigmented. Besides that, Pixi Beauty says this eye pencil won’t melt, but I will talk about that later in this post.

This is the brown eye pencil. A beautiful color and I will definitely wear this in daily life. This pencil is perfect for a normal school day, but also to just to be a little bit extra. Also, this eye pencil is super pigmented.

Lash & Line Love

A beautiful purple pencil which will especially look good on people who are a bit tanned. I am not tanned at all and that’s why I don’t think a purple pencil will suit me. Also, this pencil is super pigmented.

As for last, this beautiful rose gold eye pencil. When I saw this pencil, I immediately thought this was one of my favorites. However, this pencil has melted away in the sun, while it isn’t supposed to melt that fast. I went outside to make some pictures of these products and I put them in the shadow. However, this pencil didn’t survive.

What Pixi Beauty says about these products:

These award winning waterproof eye liners glide on like seamless silk, and in a single sweep motion create a flawless, solid jewel-toned line.


It is really a while ago since I have used eyeliner. I think it is just too much effort and especially with this hot weather, I actually barely wear makeup anymore. Of course, eyeliner is perfect to make a makeup look with, but that’s actually it. On Instagram, I asked you guys if it’s necessary to wear eyeliner or not. Surprisingly enough, the opinions were divided. Some of you said eyeliner is really a must and some of you said they wear against eyeliner.

What Pixi Beauty says about this product: 

Deep black ink liner applies flawlessly, featuring a waterproof, non-feathering, quick-drying formula that gives the effect of increased lash volume. Dot onto roots of lashes to define lashline.

Eye Pencil

With this eye pencil, you can make a beautiful intense look. Sometimes you really need some eye pencil to make your eyes stand out more. This eye pencil is perfect for that and it is actually very easy to make a intense look with this eye pencil.

What Pixi Beauty says about this product:

Restractable waterproof slim liner with intense, no-smudge colour payoff & gentle application. Use on inner, upper lash line for maximum eye definition!

White eye pencil

This eye pencil is really a must-have. It is always gorgeous when you have a bit of white color in the corner of your eyes because this way your eyes will definitely stand out. I always look less tired when I do this. This eye pencil is super soft and it will definitely be a product which I am going to use often.

What Pixi Beauty says about this product: 

This waterproof precision inner rim liner is designed to brighten the eyes and make the eye whites look whiter. Twist-up, non-sharpening pen makes it easy to use.


I was looking for a new primer for my lashes for a pretty long time. I am actually thinking about taking lash extensions, but I am not sure this is very handy. This primer makes sure my lashes get a lot more volume and I actually don’t need to wear mascara, when I have applied this primer.

What Pixi Beauty says about this product:

This multi-use black lash primer plumps, protects and preps lashes. Unique comb applicator defines and voluminizes for the ultimate intense effect.


Of course, I am totally in love with my mascara from Essence, but this mascara comes pretty close as well. This mascara takes care of my lashes and contains a lot of vitamins. I actually prefer this mascara more, because it takes care of my lashes.

What Pixi Beauty says about this product from Lash & Line Love:

Intensely volumizing & lengthening mascara for large lashes in a few fuss-free seconds. Smudge-proof & water resistant.

Soon I will write a couple reviews about these products. If you want me to review a specific product, then leave a comment below with which product I need to review.

Which product from Lash & Line Love do you like the most? 


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