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Fall is really the perfect season for skirts. Still, I love budget-proof clothes and that’s why I came across a super nice budget-proof website where I came across this khaki skirt with buttons. Curious to this website and this skirt? Then read this blog.

Khaki skirt with buttons

Khaki rokje met knopenKhaki rokje met knopen

This is the khaki skirt with buttons. I had been looking for a skirt in this color for a long time. Unfortunately, I could never find this because it was either too big or just the wrong color. Well, now I finally found him!

Khaki rokje met knopen Khaki rokje met knopen

The skirt has snaps, which makes it very easy to put on the skirt. The only disadvantage to this skirt is that it is quite thin. You have to iron the skirt, otherwise, you can’t wear it.

Khaki rokje met knopen

I bought this skirt in size S. To be honest, I expected that it would be too small because it is a “Chinese” website. Still, size S is totally perfect and it doesn’t have to be a size bigger or smaller.

Khaki rokje met knopen Khaki rokje met knopen

I have bought this skirt at Shein and it only costs 10 euros. Shein has a lot of nice discounts, for example, free shipping or more discounts. Definitely take a look at my discount post for this. You can buy this skirt (or all other nice clothes of Shein!) here.

Shein is a Chinese website and the clothes are super cheap. They have super nice sweaters, shirts, skirts, and dresses. On Black Friday I am definitely going to buy some more from this website.

I have got the sweater from H&M. H&M is a very nice store for a couple of basics. I am not a huge fan of the other clothes, but the basics are super nice! Definitely a recommendation to look at H&M.

What do you think of this khaki skirt with buttons?


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