KAYAsieraden | A bracelet with much meaning

Jewellery with a meaning. For mothers, for dads, for kids and even for babies. These jewellery have an extra mening. Tanja donates an amount of money to foundation Eduki, when you buy a piece of jewellery. Foundation Eduki takes care of the kids in Gambia, so they can go to school. By buying a piece of jewellery, you also help the kids in Gambia. This way these kids get a future as well.

The bracelet


I’ve received this beautiful bracelet of KAYAsieraden. On the bracelet is my name engraved. The bracelet is made of sterling silver, where I am going to tell more about later. The bracelet has a simple closing. I can’t handle closings from a bracelet. Never, but then really never I can close a bracelet. It is really difficult to close the bracelet on a normal way. This isn’t because of the bracelet, but that is just because of me. When I am in a hurry, then I know I won’t wear this bracelet, because I definitely arrive late.


The back of the bracelet says ‘mama‘ (=mum)  a simple word, but with a lot of meaning.

Unfortunately, the bracelet is too big for my wrist. I have this often, but this is really bad. I am going to try to make the bracelet a bit smaller, because now the bracelet falls of my wrist. So I can lose the bracelet very easily or the bracelet almost reaches my elbow.

The delivery period


The site of KAYAsieraden says that the bracelet will get delivered in twelve days. This sounds pretty long, but this went pretty fast. On the 20th october I got the message that Tanja was making my bracelet and around the 1th of november I received the bracelet. Pretty fast! Waiting was definitely worth it and in my eyes this wasn’t that long.

The quality


The bracelet is made of sterling silver. Because the bracelet is made of sterling silver, the bracelet doesn’t change color that fast. The bracelet can still change color, for example when you go in bath with the bracelet (I don’t recommend that!).


You can combine the bracelet with almost everything. Do you prefer to go with a classy look or do you prefer a cool look with a nice detail? You can’t forget this bracelet and I am definitely going to wear this bracelet daily. You can also combine this bracelet with a nice watch or another bracelet.


The site says the bracelet get delivers in a pink bag. I didn’t receive this unfortunately. This wasn’t really a problem for me, but when you want to gift the bracelet for example, then this is a little problem.

The bracelet costs 43 euros. A normal price for a sterling silver bracelet. When you search a bracelet which you want to wear daily and stays pretty for long, then this bracelet is really perfect.

Advantages and disadvantages


+ Beautiful engraved and no faults.

+ Free delivery!

+ Normal price for a sterling silver bracelet.

+ Suits with everything.

– Too big.

– Sent without bag, only a piece of carton.

A beautiful bracelet with a beautiful meaning. What do you think of this bracelet?


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