I’ve received some Shiny Stuff


You probably think, what’s  Shiny stuff? Shiny stuff is a super cute webshop with original, but also jewellery which you recognize. You probably think, jewellery what you can recognize isn’t original right? With recognize I mean that you can recognize the jewellery on the necklace out of my childhood, but also from now. A Nutella pot, a necklace with a fox, a beautiful tree and way more.


These earrings are really simple, but I really love the colour. I often wear black and then the neon pink earrings are really pretty with this look. They aren’t made of real silver, so pay attention that you haven’t an allergy for fake silver. There is nothing worse than a ear which hurt a lot.


On this picture you see me with the earrings. I wear a grey sweater of the H&M and the pink earrings look stunning because of this sweater. Also the earrings aren’t made of normal plastic, but I think they are made of wood or something like that. Well, that’s how they look like.

shiny stuff

Now this beautiful necklace. The green colour with the black background, is really pretty. As I already said, I often wear black and this necklace makes the look totally different. The necklace with the tree charm  hangs on a black rope and the background is also black. Because everything is black, you see the green tree really good. The necklace is really light weighted and I really love that. It’s always really annoying when a necklace is really heavy.


A Nutella keycord! The keycord is really small, but I will definitely hang this keycord on my keys. It’s a pretty cool idea to have a lot of different small keycords hanging on my keys. But okay, now about the keycord itself. As I already said, the keycord is pretty small, but he is pretty cute and you can recognize it. Unfortunately you can’t open the top of the Nutella pot and there isn’t Nutella in it (okay, kidding).


As last I’ve received a fox necklace. I also recognized this necklace ( if someone knows where this fox comes from, then I would really like to know). This necklace has a iron necklace cord, where the charm hangs at. I really like the combination of silver and red. Perfect to make your look looks prettier and the necklace let it look a bit playable.

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