I just came across these special jewels

The last time I came across so many beautiful and special jewel. Also the self-made jewel of Jessie and her duck Janice are very special. She made from a really simple jewel, really pretty and special jewels. Are you also curious about these jewels? Then read this article!

The package


First of all, really big compliments how Jessie packaged these jewels. I got this package in a shiny envelope. In this shiny envelope was this beautiful box. I first thought I won a super luxe price where I didn’t know about. I saw the logo and I immediately knew from who this package was.

About earrings

Janice is the duck of Jessie. Jessie thought it was a waste to throw away the beautiful feathers from Janice and that’s the reason why she makes jewels of these feathers. In every necklace or bracelet are the feathers processed.

The jewel


In the box were a lot of special jewels. First my eye caught these two bracelets. The white bracelet is really simple, but also special. You can combine the bracelet with a nice dress or for Christmas. My mum liked the second bracelet a lot. It is just a really nice hippy bracelet. You can combine this bracelet with almost everything.


These are all the three bracelet which I got. I need to be honest. They definitely don’t fit together, but that is actually not a problem. Now I can wear these three bracelets on three different days. I always have the problem that bracelets are too big for me. The white bracelet is perfect and actually perfect for everyone. The brown bracelet is way too big and the silver one as well.


I actually never wear earrings, but these are pretty cool actually. They look a bit like little snowballs or pearls. Every time after I wore my earrings, my ears hurt pretty bad and that’s the reason why I never wear earrings anymore.


The earrings are bigger than my earlobe, but that gives a pretty cool effect. The earrings fit pretty good with a black pull and as I already said, they look a lot like snow balls. Super pretty.


I think this is one of my favorite bracelets. Really simple, but also with a nice detail. The feather of Janice the duck. You can combine the bracelet with almost everything and that is actually really nice. The bracelet is a bit too big, but I am going to try to make it smaller by removing a bit of the bracelet.


The two bracelets fit perfectly with each other. Both a big too big, but they fit perfectly. I think the feathers of Janice are a great adding, so it doesn’t look like normal bracelets, but just with a nice detail.


These earrings are so great packaged. I am going to use this bottle as decoration on my cabinet. It was a bit hard to get the earrings out of the bottle. I was scared that I pulled the beautiful feather of the earring, but fortunately that wasn’t the case. When I want to put the earrings back in the bottle, then you need to concentrate pretty hard. I first didn’t get the earrings in the bottle and I thought it was hard to get them actually in.


These are the earrings and they are so nice right? They aren’t that big and the feathers aren’t that big as well fortunately. I don’t think it is pretty when the feathers are big, but that is not the case fortunately.


These are the earrings in my earlobe. As you can see, they aren’t that big and you can combine it with everything.


This is definitely one of my favorite necklaces. I really love bottles and all that kind of stuff and in the bottle is actually a feather. The necklace is pretty long, but I solved that by making the necklace a bit smaller. I am not a big fan of long necklaces, but you can wear it twice.


As you can see, in the bottle is a feather of Janice. I notice now that on the top of the bottle is a pearl. I am going to wear this necklace often, although you can’t combine this necklace with everything. When I wear for example a purple or pink sweater, then I won’t wear this necklace.


Here again the beautiful necklace. As you can see I made the necklace shorter. The upper layer from the necklace looks a bit like a choker and the lower layer is the necklace it self. I think I am going to combine this necklace with another choker.


I am very happy with all these jewels and I am seriously going to wear them all. I think it so special that Jessie could make so many beautiful jewellery with the feathers of her duck.


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